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Emerge & Become Retreats

"Into the desert I go, to quiet my mind and find my soul"


Emerge Retreat

    In order to Emerge as a new creature in God, we first have to “clear the debris”.  This workshop is designed to help you uncover and identify the debris that may be cluttering your life, creating obstacles that impede your progress. 

   Once  debris is identified, you will partner with God in discovering where you need to repent, repair, forgive and/or release. As a group, we work through a sequence of therapeutic equine experiences, relationship sculptures, and body image work.

    Your personal prayers and seeking behaviors will be key in linking the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of your growth. You are powerful!  This retreat lays the foundation of spiritual and therapeutic habits that will sustain you at home as you move forward in fully emerging through this process.


  Individual coaching is available to support you in your continued growth. You will leave the Emerge retreat much lighter, and fully capable of boldly moving forward in your life.

Let me help you partner with God in removing debris that inhibits your personal power and growth.

(Watch for a list of helpful preparation tips after booking your retreat)

Candidates are interviewed prior to attending to assure each is a good fit for the group!

Become Retreat

    Becoming what the Lord intends is a revelatory process.  In this retreat you will continue to Ask, Listen, Record, Act, and thank God for the pieces of inspiration received and for His redeeming sacrifice that allows forgiveness.  You have asked forgiveness, made repairs where possible and engaged in righteous patterns and service.  Becoming is a lifelong process, grace by grace. 

     Many of us have good intentions, but fall short of accessing the power that is available to us.  Our “Become” retreat helps you conceptualize your process of emerging and explore all possibilities of what becoming will look like for you. 

     “What would you do if you had more faith?”   Do you want to discover what God has in mind for you? We explore talents, gifts, grace and the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Together you will identify your purpose.  Entreating God and partnering with him to create spiritual and personal goals will start you on your path of becoming. 

    As in the “Emerge” retreat, you will be guided in therapeutic exercises that help move this process forward. We will return to the arena for continued equine experiences. Experiences in nature, solitude, and exposure to native traditions will help guide your work.  Linking you with your ancestors’ talents and experiences will help enlighten and empower this process.

Let me help you as you partner with God in rewriting your story and discovering your purpose.

(Watch for a list of helpful preparation tips after booking your retreat)

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