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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information regarding the services offered

Is this right for me and my situation?

You may wonder about how we can help, or if this retreat is the answer to what you have been looking for.  You should fill out the short questionnaire found HERE or on the 'Retreats' page. It is an extremely helpful first step. Once it is submitted Michelle will review it and reach out to discuss with you directly what best fits your needs.

Who would be in my group?

Each candidate is evaluated to assure appropriateness for the group and the group's cohesion. Although each person is unique, it is important that you feel comfortable, can learn from each other, and have appropriate support.  These retreats are designed for Christian  women of faith, that have experienced life and will bring those experiences with them to the benefit of the group.

How often and where are the retreats?

The Emerge Retreat and Become Retreat are scheduled regularly. The booking page will show the very next one available.

Based on demand, they may occur monthly or bi-monthly.

The lovely Jewel of Escalante is one venues that we will use regularly for retreats and lodging.  Kiva Cliffhouse is another venue where lodging and retreats are located.

What about one-on-one counseling?

Michelle offers one-on-one counseling sessions, go to the 'Counseling' page to submit the questionnaire form so that she can connect with you about your needs and the scheduling. 

This may be helpful in preparing for a retreat, after a retreat, or when you feel you are not a good fit for attending a retreat.

What should I wear?

The weather in Southern Utah can be unpredictable.  You will want to dress in layers, bring a good hiking or athletic shoe, comfortable clothing that you can sit, stand, walk, hike and wear for the duration of the day.  Wear what makes you feel good, expresses who you are and allows you to participate.  Because we will be in and out of nature, walking, hiking, meditating and praying, casual clothing seems to work best.

Will I be riding a horse?

No. You will be working with horses.  We will do ground work primarily, and work through different exercises with your horse, but you will not need any experience with horses or need to ride.  If you are allergic to horses that would be important for us to know in advance.

What if I’m not in good shape?

We will do a certain amount of hiking and moving, but not any that should exclude you from participating unless you have a particular handicap.  1-2 mile hikes on fairly good trails would create a good representation.  Contact our team directly with any individual concerns you have. There are some elevation changes involved but you can go at your pace.  You can go on more aggressive hikes on your own time before or after the day's retreat activities or if you would like to stay in the area longer I would recommend that.

What if I have food allergies?

We can accommodate the meals for vegetarian and gluten-free needs.  Please be sure to mention your specific needs in your preliminary conversation; also, feel free to bring some of your favorite snack to the retreat.

Can I bring a friend?

Friends are welcome to book the same retreat sessions. You should ask yourself, however, if they will inhibit your ability & willingness to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Talking with each other in between sessions may interfere with the quiet reflection and inspiration you might experience otherwise. Most find it easier to share with complete strangers we may never see again. Bonds are formed quickly within the group process and we work hard to make sure it is a safe and healing place for all.

How do I pay it forward?

At Emerge and Become we work really hard to keep costs low so the retreats are available to as many women as possible.   Booking a much needed retreat is still out of reach for some individuals.  If you feel like you benefited and enjoyed your retreat and would like to help make this experience possible for someone who is not as fortunate as you, you can pay it forward.  Make a donation through PayPal: or use the option at the bottom of our booking page.

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