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Emerge and Become


Women need to feel connected in relationships, both with God and those they love. These connections are often cluttered by debris. Mistakes, regrets, and less than complementary beliefs about ourselves create distance in these relationships. 

At Emerge and Become, we bring therapeutic skills, unique experiences, and exercises to the gorgeous and healing environment of the Escalante Grand Staircase. We combine Faith (yours and ours) with God’s desire and power to heal us. As our lives, bodies, and motives change, it's healthy to start pondering what's next. Come join me, there's no better place for discovery!

“It took a leap of faith to overcome my fear of exposure and embarrassment . I trusted in the counsel of Richard G. Scott “ The lord will provide direction. It  will come through answers to prayers, pondering, and the counsel of others who are worthy mentors.”

Michelle is that “worthy mentor.” I felt her preparedness prior to each session. Anyone can talk to a friend, but she was an instrument!  Michelle brings her faith, therapeutic skills, and compassion to each interaction. Together we invited the spirit, and the necessary steps for change were illuminated.” 

-Seeking, Southern Utah

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Have you ever asked yourself...

Why do I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted so quickly?

What's comes next for me, and how do I feel closer to the ones I love?

Why do the heavens feel closed- am I doing something wrong???

Complete this short questionnaire to see if you are a                                        good fit 

Hi, I'm Michelle, a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with over 25 years of experience. Most recently I was the Executive Director of a Christian-based adolescent treatment progam where I helped teens and families, sift through their own personal 'debris' by inviting God to be part of their story.

 I was hooked and inspired. 

Joining with others as they seek the Lord’s help in their healing, courageously and honestly admitting their shortcomings, and working through them, is a sacred thing. I am honored to play a part in their heroic accomplishments.

          -Michelle Lindsay, CMHC


Individual Counseling Services


“Michelle is dedicated to helping you reach your divine potential.  If that is your desire, working with Michelle will get you on the right path and create a powerful partnership”

- Colleen

“This retreat was insightfully created, the presentations lead to very open conversations and discussions.  The place is powerful in demonstrating the power of the Creator, the concept of greater spirituality became more real and achievable”

"The thought and power Michelle has crafted into this retreat will surely help those who attend Emerge and Become  into someone they are happier with, as well as one who feels whole and complete, ready to tackle the challenges of life with peace, dignity, and a renewed confidence."

- Jen

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Personal Development Experiences for Women in scenic Escalante, UT 84726  /  Tel. 435-616-4884

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