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Understanding the Spokes of the Emotional Health Wheel


Rate your feeling of being loved and also your capacity to love others. Together choose a number on the spoke that represents a combination of the two.

Growth/Personal Improvement

Do you value growth? Rate the amount of time/energy you spend on yourself; learning something new, setting goals, improving an aspect of yourself.


How much time and energy do you spend working out, improving, or worrying about your physical exercise/ health. If you rate it a7 you may want to differentiate between behaviors that are productive or unproductive= 3 productive 4 unproductive=7 we might worry a lot about how our body looks but do very little about it, however it still takes up mental space.


Rate the connection you feel with God or higher power, time you spend intentionally trying to improve or connect with the holy spirit.


 Identify how much you feel that you matter to others.  If you were absent from your everyday life, who would notice? This is your perception of the difference you make to others.


We all need some thrill and excitement in our lives.  This spoke has you rate the amount of time or energy you spend in an activity you’re passionate about that excites you.  Some examples might include riding horses/bikes, playing sports, competing, hiking, amusement parks, or vacation, something that feels exciting.  You may want to break this down into healthy thrill and unhealthy thrill that may represent something illegal or addictive.  If we have a high or balanced number on this spoke but it is all in the unhealthy thrill column, trading unhealthy thrill for healthier thrill choices will improve our overall happiness and reflect on the happiness rating.


Rate the amount of time and energy you spend doing things for others without expecting anything in return.  This might include charity or volunteer work, paying for a strangers meal at a restaurant etc.


How stable do you feel when you take into account the stability of your finances, relationships, mental and physical health, and your ability to manage emotions and express them in healthy ways.


Try and rate your overall sense of happiness.  How happy do you feel on average over a week’s time, over a month, and in the last year.  Which of the spokes is taking away from your score? What changes would you need to make that would most impact your sense of happiness?

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