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Creating Balance in Your Life

Congratulations on taking your first step to create balance in your life. In order to

change, you first have to recognize what needs changing. This emotional health wheel

should help you identify where your life is out of balance.

Rate yourself 0 (hub of the wheel) to 10 (outside edge of the wheel) on each spoke about

how you feel your time and energy are spent and the resulting feeling. After you make a

slash mark on each spoke, then connect the dots. Identify areas that are low or

extremely high. Then rate your sense of happiness from 0 - 10.

Being emotionally balanced helps you to respond rather than to react in difficult situations.

Once you understand where you are emotionally out of balance, set some goals to help

you distribute your time and energy in a more balanced way. Give yourself some time to

create change and then rate yourself on the wheel again and compare your perception

of balance and happiness again to determine improvement.

This exercise can be done as a couple or family as well, setting family goals in areas that

are low for the whole family such as Contribution/service for example.

For a more detailed explanation of each individual spoke and what it represents 

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